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The Human connection to Nature is seriously profound, as popular today as it's always been. Whether you're catching some rays at the family barbecue, having friends over for an event or simple dining out with loved ones under the stars.

Very few things speak to our primitive self more than cooking outdoors.

In a world of ever increasing pressure and instancy, what could be better than creating your own sacred space? A place to unplug from the hustle and reconnect with Nature and cookery, feeding both belly and soul.

Unique, Scandinavian outdoor kitchen from BULL - ideal if you’re looking for something special - all features are top-of-the-range with an exclusive dark finish that adds elegance and style to the kitchen.

Features: state-of-the-art, stainless-steel Brahma grill, refrigerator, storage cabinet and a dark-grey porcelain countertop.

3D Visual Design Service

Of course, we’ve come a long way since Mr and Mrs Ugg first started flame grilling local plants and wildlife. Find out more about our fabulous (amazingly priced) range of modular solutions, wood burning or gas fired appliances.

All designed to ensure your inner cookery ninja has every chance to shine, whatever the occasion, whatever time of day or night.

Alongside a wide range of modular and freestanding solutions we are proud stockists of BeefEater, Ooni and Kamado brands and have prices to suit any budget, all with full warranty protection on products and installation.